This year, why not plan so when summer rolls around you’re ready for a much-deserved rest. Take a look as our very own Len Hayduchok weighs in with other experts:

“12 Doable Changes You Can Make This Year To Save For An Amazing Vacation”

“There are plenty of reasons to save money, but a big vacation is arguably the most exciting incentive. After all, “I’d love to travel more” is one of those New Year resolutions pretty much everyone makes.

We usually start out with a decent budgeting effort (hello, Dry January), but as the year rolls on, our spending inevitably becomes harder and harder to keep in check. To make sure that you’re able to make a healthy contribution to your travel fund every month, we’ve tapped two budgeting experts to devise a 12-month saving plan that’s super easy to follow. Each month, you’ll be challenged to give up or change an everyday habit, and we’ve provided rough estimates on how much extra savings can go towards your planned journey, whether it’s an epic Eurotrip or backpacking jaunt through Southeast Asia.”

“Find out how you can save up for the most amazing vacation, ever. Trust us: The delayed gratification of a nice hotel or a fancy meal while you’re away — because you’ve been frugal all year — is the sweetest feeling.”

Do A Home Purge

March is time for spring cleaning and getting your Marie Kondo on. Get rid of junk that no longer bring joy to your household — from used furniture to spare electronics — on Letgo and Wallapop, two online marketplaces for virtual garage sales. To quickly simplify your wardrobe, offload your clothing and accessories at your local thrift stores. Resale chains such as Buffalo Exchange and Beacon’s Closet will offer you cash up front.

Reassess Your Monthly Bills

“Try to identify areas of redundancy that you can just cut back,” says Kimmie Greene, a consumer finance expert at Mint, a personal finance and budgeting app. “Grab a magnifying glass and really pore over your monthly bank statements. Not only is it a great way to figure out what spending areas you should be trimming, it’s also an opportunity to flag any subscription-based services that you no longer have a need for, such as premium membership on dating apps.” One no-brainer step you should already be doing? Pay all your bills online. It’s a lot more convenient, and you’ll be saving on postage. The math= 10 bills a month, x $.49 stamps over 12 months saves $58.80.