Asset Management

Asset Management and Protection is the entire cycle of building wealth through strategies like acquiring, maintaining, and trading investments of various kinds to potentially increase their value over time.

Asset Management and Protection

Asset protection embodies strategies created to help neutralize the effects of events that may be catastrophic to your financial situation. Many times, the actual events cannot be prevented, but in more instances, the negative consequences can be significantly reduced or eliminated. Our holistic approach includes the entire wealth cycle: well-defined objectives for each asset and strategies to cover each reasonably potential risk.  

Take some time to consider the risk factors that might sabotage your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams.

3 Characteristics of The Perfect Investment

The Perfect Product

Which product is the best? Well, it would have everything we want:
But no one product has all three, and every product has a deficiency.

We work to select financial instruments according to the features each client prioritizes and the deficiencies they can live with. It’s our goal to find the most suitable investment for each time period in your life, strategically aligning the right tools to achieve your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams.

Neutralizing Risk

You can suffer financial loss through many avenues including, others’ misdeeds, negligence resulting in you getting sued, health issues suffered by you or your dependents, the passing of an income-provider, and severe investment losses. Many times, the actual events cannot be prevented, but in virtually all instances the negative consequences could have been significantly reduced or eliminated. Some asset protection strategies are procuring insurances specific to the risks being covered, transferring asset ownership to trusts, and proper diversification within investment portfolios.

With 30+ years of experience, DFS handles a wide array of insurance products such as life, disability, and long-term care, and also manages portfolios with regards to the client’s risk tolerances and the timelines for withdrawals from portfolios.

Neutralizing Risk is an Important Component of Financial Planning.

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